Augustine B. Matondo

BVM (SUA), MSc. Pathology (Utrecht), PhD (Utrecht)

Current position:

Lecturer of Veterinary Pathology & Biomedical Sciences at the Department of Veterinary Anatomy & Pathology.

Other positions:

Chairperson of the College Transformation Committee.

Previous professional positions:

include Secretary of CVMBS Research Innovations and Publication Committee (2017-2019), Veterinary Officer at Mtwara Mikindani Municipal Council (Formerly Mtwara Mikindani Town Council), and Assistant Registrar, Veterinary Council of Tanzania (2003-2005)


Current Research ares: Diseases affecting Domestic Animals, Wildlife and Fish.  Previously worked on Animal models of diseases. Google scholar link   &    ORCID link


In addition to research,  collaboration is also possible through diagnostic/laboratory analysis  support . Submission of information for all laboratory samples can be done via  Pathology information System


+255 743-450-361

Mon-Fri: 09:00am-03:00pm
Sat-Sun: 11:00am-02:00pm

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